Edmonton Invitational Bantam Tournament of Champions
Welcome to 39th Annual Invitational!
December 27 - 31, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton Scholarship Information

The Edmonton Invitational Bantam Tournament of Champions this year is providing each Athletic club or Association with one - one thousand dollar ($1000.00) Scholarship to be awarded to a Bantam ‘AA’ player whose organization had a team compete in the category and provided volunteers to help out at the tournament. The awarded funds will be held in escrow until the EBIT Scholarship Committee receives enrollment confirmation from a post secondary education institution, the scholarship will be then forwarded directly to the education institution on behalf of the scholarship recipient. All winners will receive a letter acknowledging their award, the scholarship will be forfeited back to the Scholarship Fund should the recipient not use the funds by the date stated in the letter.

The criteria for the award will be as follows:

  1. Academic accolades (current marks as of March 1st). Letter from current registered school will provide information.
  2. Athletic accolades.
  3. Applicant to provide an essay (in their own words) of not less that 200 words on: Why he or she deserves the Scholarship?
  4. Letters of Reference.

EachAthletic Club or Association to provide back to the EBIT Scholarship Committee Chairman on or before March 3rd (no exceptions) of the current season the names of not more than FIVE nominees complete with their criteria requirements. Nominees could possibly be interviewed. No individual may receive more than one EBIT Scholarship.

The successful candidates will be presented their Scholarship at their Athletic Clubs or Associations year end Awards Banquet.

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